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We fix car issues


It’s recommended to have your car’s brakes inspected annually.

There are many different intricate parts to a brake system from electronics to hydraulics, each with a very important role in ensuring your vehicle stops as it should. Technicians at Harker Heights Kwik Kar are highly skilled in diagnosing and repairing brake systems on most makes and models.

Generally, it’s recommended to have your car’s brakes inspected annually or at the first warning sign that there may be an issue. Warning signs include a dashboard warning light, squealing, grinding, or feeling a vibration while applying the brakes. If you experience any of these warning signs, you should absolutely bring your vehicle in for a free inspection immediately. After our technician diagnoses the issue, we can provide a detailed estimate for repair including cost and time.

We provide maintenance services to vehicles

Oil Change

For a car to run at its best, oil in your vehicle should be replaced every regular interval. Sometimes its 3000 miles, sometimes it longer. Regardless of the lifespan, we have the ability to change your cars motor oil with fast and friendly service.

Our full service oil change includes

  • Drain old oil and replace with up to five (5) quarts of conventional, semi synthetic, full synthetic or high mileage motor oil.
  • Remove old oil filter and install new oil filter.
  • Check brake fluid level and report finding to owner and record on invoice.
  • Check engine air filter and cabin air filter and recommend replacement as necessary.
  • Check and adjust tire pressure and report finding to owner and record on invoice.
  • Check & top off coolant, transmission fluid, gear box fluids, washer fluid and report finding to owner and record on invoice.
  • Check operation of all lights and recommended replacement as necessary.
  • Vacuum interior and wash windshield and outside windows.
  • Conduct maintenance review with owner of all scheduled services.
  • Maintain electronic record of all services performed.
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We check error codes and fix it

Turn off that engine light

Is that bright engine light getting to you? Bring your vehicle in to Kwik Kar of Harker Heights and we can run a diagnostic check on it to see what is bothering your vehicle. It could be something simple or something serious. Either way, you'll have peace of mind to know what the problem is and what you can do about it. Our biggest concern is your safety.

We utilize the best online knowledge centers in the industry to keep us aware of any recalls or technical service bulletins that may be associated with a problem you are experiencing. You visit us for your oil changes and annual inspections, so why not use the place you know for all of your automotive needs.

We are a full service, preventive maintenance center, offering full service oil changes, tune-ups, brakes, starters, alternators, serpentine belts, batteries and more.


Energize your vehicle

Battery failure is the number one cause of roadside assistance calls

Today’s vehicles use more electricity than ever before, so your battery is all the more important. A vehicle battery powers your fuel system, starter, ignition system, and in some cases, even your steering is controlled electronically.

Come in for a free battery and charging system test. Our state-of-the-art battery diagnostic tool takes only a few minutes to provide a detailed print out as to the state of your electrical system. If it finds any defects, we can provide a quote on any other necessary repairs to keep your electrical system running properly. At Harker Heights Kwik Kar, we can quickly replace your battery to keep you on the road.

Symptoms of a bad battery

  • The engine crank is sluggish
  • The battery is old
  • There is a leak around the battery
  • The battery is swollen
  • Battery Warning Light

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